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In 2003 Honda made the bold and foresighted move to establish research institutes in Japan, the United States and in Europe that should focus on the future of computer science.
Almost ten years later, the importance of information and communication technology in the automotive industry is growing more rapidly than ever and Honda can harvest the early investment in this technology.

At HRI our products are ideas; ideas that lead to innovations. Science without innovation neglects opportunities and innovation without science remains shallow and superficial. Innovation Through Science is part of the HRI philosophy and enables us to remain focused on our role in Honda and in the society at large.

Research in Intelligent Systems is at the center of the Honda Research Institute Europe. Intelligent systems will shape our future in a variety of forms, ranging from accident-free mobility to cognitive robotics and from smart process management to the efficient use of resources. Intelligence is necessary to handle complexity in products and in processes.


Innovation most frequently occurs at the intersection of traditional disciplines where true synergy can be harvested and where we start to think out of the box.

Our partners in Honda and in universities in Europe and beyond help us to maintain a broad perspective and to keep on challenging ourselves.

We hope you enjoy browsing throught our web site and invite you to get in contact with us should we have been able to spark your interest.

Welcome to the Honda Research Institute Europe!

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff

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